America's International Challenge

Accepting birds from February 1, 2018 thru May 15, 2018

A RACE - High Rollers Tournament

B RACE - Challenger Series

AIC Race




Live Video Feed of the Lofts

Viewable on Your PC or Smart Phone!

Current Video Viewing Instructions

On Your PC


Here are the instructions for using the ZViewer on your computer.


To Install Zviewer for PC click on the link below:


Once installed, open it.  You will be prompt for user name and password:

user name:  admin

password:    111111


Select search ID radial button:

ID:  1304001186

Name:  aic


Next screen that comes up will ask for:

Max channels:   4

User name:    aicteam

Password:      aic2014


It should find the device and open the camera view screen.  Expand the device list on the left and you should see 4 channels.  Drag the channels onto the video boxes. 

On Your Smart Phone


Here are the instructions for using the Zsight for Mobile on your iPhone or Android.


Once installed, the first time you open it you will be asked to login or register.  Select Log In.


Log In Information:


password:    aicrace2014


Once logged in you can touch one of the four camera squares and it will load the images.  Enjoy!


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