America's International Challenge

Accepting birds from February 1, 2017 thru May 15, 2017

A RACE - High Rollers Tournament

B RACE - Challenger Series

AIC Race




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Entry Fees: Race A
$515.00 per Bird

Entry Fees: Race B
$257.50 per Bird

Entry Fees:       Both Races
$772.50 per Bird



**NEW for 2017**


Rules & Information


Accepting birds February 1, 2017 - May 15 2017



  • America’s International Challenge
    A - Race (High Roller Tournament)
    B - Race (Challenger Series) will be a series of six races flown to one loft.
    Both A & B Races will be liberated together.
  • All birds must be declared for the either A-Race or B-Race upon arrival.
    Race birds must be entered in A-Race to be eligible for B-Race.
    B-Race birds will NOT be eligible for an upgrade to the A-Race.

  • Perch Fees:
    A & B Races -  $  125.00 per bird, (1-5 birds)
                           - $   550.00 for a   6 bird team
                           - $1,000.00 for a 12 bird team

     Perch fees must accompany birds upon arrival and are non-refundable.


  • Entry Fees:
    A - Race      - $500.00 per bird
    B - Race      - $250.00 per bird
    A & B Race - $750.00 per bird
    All entry fees must be paid in full after the 75 mile activation to maintain eligibility.
    Entry fees received for birds lost prior to the 1st race will be refunded.

  • Any bird(s) not activated by the deadline will become the property of the (AIC). Your bird(s) will then be sold on a first-come first-served basis for the cost of their entry fee. The purchaser will own that bird  and all its winnings. The breeder (not AIC) agrees to provide a pedigree to the new owner.


  • FREE Perch Fees: If none of your birds from your 6 or 12 bird team make it to the 100 mile race, you get free perch fees for a team the following year only, provided that your entire team was activated by you.
    Our goal is to get your birds to the final race.

  •  Participants must be 18 years of age or older.

  • Every bird will be vaccinated for P.M.V. and POX upon arrival . The 9th and 10th flights will be pulled.

  • The loft manager reserves the right to make any and all decisions.

  • All correspondence concerning your team(s) needs to refer back to the bid number associated with each team. Each syndicate will have one person responsible for money and correspondence.

  • We are giving free perch fees for extra birds, so there will be no replacements accepted.

  • You are welcome by appointment to visit our loft and look inside at the birds.

    Capital Prizes:
    First Race        -  100 miles                 Will be paid by clocking order.
    Second Race   -  150 miles                 Will be paid by clocking order.
    Third Race       -  200 miles                 Will be paid by clocking order.
    Fourth Race     -  250 miles                 Will be paid by clocking order.
    Fifth Race        -  300 miles                 Will be paid by clocking order.
    Sixth Race       -  350 miles                 Will be paid on 1st drop and then revert to clocking order.  


  • Average speed paid by the clock. Computed on Total Distance/Total Time. The bird with the highest credits in 350-mile race breaks a tie.

  • Ties in the clock will be given the same position number and their winnings will be added together and split equally.

  • If a bird fails to clock due to piggy back or chip malfunction, (AIC) will verify the bird is in the drop and it will then be placed as last in that drop.

  • All entered birds must compete in the entire race series.

  • All races will stop 36 hours after release time. Any paying position not filled within 36 hours will be divided equally with all clocked birds.

  • Absolutely NO pooling on property

  • Winners will be announced on the day of the 350 mile race, but will remain unofficial for 15 days. All races will be paid no sooner than 30 days and no later than 45 days after the final (350 mile) race. (AIC) will retain 10 percent for race expenses.

  •  A completed IRS (W-9 form) will be required if you win $600.00 or more.

  •  Everyone please come for the BBQ, fun and camaraderie on November 4, 2017.

  • (AIC) will begin shipping birds back to owner as soon as we can after the final race.

  • If you would like your activated birds returned to you after the final 350-mile race, there will be a shipping fee.

    Shipping Fees:
    $50.00 for the 1st bird, plus add $10.00 for each additional bird.

  • Return fees must be paid within 14 days of final (350 mile) race. If fees are not received in full within 14 days, the remaining birds will become the property of the (AIC).

  • Any lofts that won can have their shipping and box fee deducted from their winnings.

  • AIC has a No-Kill policy for unclaimed birds.

  • We will post all training tosses starting at 20 miles.


  • Participants can now watch our Live Video and follow us on our GPS tracking system. You can be with us every step of the way. How is that for interactive?


All birds, checks, and correspondence should be sent to:



c/o Frank Esposito

308 Casey Rd.

Woodruff, SC  29388

Phone: 732-239-3623





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